Costa Rica Architect, Michael H. Cranford designs eco-friendly home designs using recycled materials,teak hardwoods and Mature Guadua Bamboo. Mortgage Free Homes,Tiny Homes, Architecture using ancient Sacred Geometry, Golden Mean mathematics from nature to promote health in your custom home, blueprints or sustainable hotel designs in Costa Rica, Caribbean and Panama

Costa Rica Homes designed around The Foundational Golden Mean

Living in the Costa Rican rainforest has taught me to pay attention to nature, copying what we see and mimicking nature in our home designs, blueprints and public spaces. By mimicking nature, we can begin to solve human challenges in architecture and energy, creating holistic and healthy homes in Panama, Costa Rica and Caribbean. I provide custom environmentally friendly home designs and for affordable fees.

Architects and engineers should incorporate passive energies functions into our offices and home designs. Home and hotel designs should be inspired by their surroundings, working with governing principals found in nature. I encourage you to take every opportunity to round off corners to create comfy-cool homes that breathe and promote health and wellness.

It’s time engineers and designers take some risks by copying nature's forms and textures to make better eco friendly homes made with organic products that utilize subtle energy.

Let's turn to nature for the solutions. 8.7 million species of living organisms can't be wrong.

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Like the shapes and textures of nature, you can harness this Chi energy in your home design, office or in public buildings. By paying attention to natures, shapes, forms and textures, we can begin lower or raise temperatures in your home. Just by understanding 'how' fish scales slow water down to harness drag, while feathers harness lift. Natures wisdom begins to unfold in our own hands when we pay attention to natures textures and forms.

I pay attention to home positioning, breeze, views and seasonal sun pathways to re-create desirable air and moisture movements throughout living spaces. Square corners should be rounded to allow air to be charged with negative ions, which creates subtle levels of ozone, attracting good Chi energy into your home and life.

I have a deep understanding of building natural building sciences, thermal dynamics and use these kinetic energies to design and build organic-holistic homes made with natural materials such as Hempcrete, mature teak hardwoods and Columbian Guadua Bamboo.

I provide affordable and eco friendly home plans, blueprints and designs for an affordable fee.