Costa Rica Architects, eco friendly designs based on finonacci and sacred geometry. Drafting house plans in Costa Rica, blueprints and tree house designs using Teak and bamboo.I consult on line to create green home designs and biologically Inspired architecture.

Costa Rica architect designing bio inspired homes based of Fibonacci Principals.

Growing up in the orange "grooves" in Los Angeles suburbs, I found myself in nature dreaming of the Gilligan's Island lifestyle of living in the tropics. I built fearless forts out of cardboard, dug tunnels to china and constructed tree houses from pallets. A professional day dreamer, I squeaked through school, built a business and raised a family. Camping with my boys, fishing and climbing peaks of the Continental divide always brought serenity and a genuine connection to nature high up in the mountains of Colorado.

First traveling to Hawaii, Belize, Mexico and the island of Dominica and finally finding my way to Costa Rica, I fell in love. My boys were now off in school and I moved to Costa Rica to live connected to nature. Taking my first walks in "my" newly purchased forest, The Howler Monkeys and Scarlet Macaws exploded above my head, laughter's spell fell upon me. Observing natures patterns in the rainforest, I began to ask questions ;

• How do hawks and ravens fly effortlessly?
• How do fish jump in the air ?
• Why do zebra's have stripes?
• How do penguins stay warm ?
• Why are riptide currents dangerous?
• What is the moons complete cycle ?

Walking in the rainforest became my daily meditation, I watched Jesus Christ lizards and trees that walk, nature grinned at me each day with the freshest oxygen and purest water in the world. Earths largest oxygen producing organism, the rainforest, rises from my forest floor. My brain melted giving way to my heart and my life became contagious.

Soon I surrendered to my childhood imagination, devotion and creativity and built my Gilligan dream home. My adult acquired fears were replaced by my inner innocence experienced as a child. My first 10 years, I painted furiously and passionately, exhibiting my oil and acrylic paintings in Cape Cod and Seattle and helping people design homes and eco lodges all over Central America.

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Laughter's spell and a few monkey grins passing by each day has taught me to be who I am, a student, sharing what I've learned about copying natures forms, shapes and textures in order to solve challenges, both in health, drinking water and in home designs. By watching plants, flowers, leaves, spiders, trees and water, one can begin to see how to create passive homes using natural cooling created by natures forms.

Fascinating discoveries drive my inquisitive curiosities and through perseverance, I begin to put the pieces together and develop a true understanding where natural passive energy comes from. I find myself deeper down the Fibonacci worm hole observing ants, mud wasps, termites and bird's nests. Natures forms, shapes and intricate textures give life the ability to thrive, breath, swim, fly, drink, procreate, defend, hunt and migrate.

Nature grows according to the repeating Fibonacci mathematical sequence. 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34... You see this sacred geometry in the design of shells, pine cones, pineapples, migrating birds, leaping dolphins, breaching whales and 8.7 million living organisms. More predominantly, you see the power of Fibonacci in the eye of the hurricane and on the edge of tornadoes just before it sweeps away your home.

There are 8.7 million life forms that follow this sacred path and each species is rewarded with unique and unusual talents. These shapes of nature, when understood, create potential free energy to be used for flying, swimming, cooling and heating . These free energies can be incorporated into your food, drinking water, your landscaping, furniture design and house blueprints. Biomimicry encourages main stream science to re-organize nature according to function, taking lessons from trees, birds, mud wasps and termites, you'll begin to learn how to power your life and discover new ways to design homes ?