Eco Friendly Holistic Architecture. Caribbean, Costa Rica Architects designing organic homes with cob using hemp, guadua bamboo. Green house designs using Cob and Teak. Tiny Homes, Architecture using ancient Sacred Geometry, Golden Mean, ancient math, principals in home designs to promote health.

Costa Rica architect designs Using Bio Inspired Homes based of Fibonacci Principals.

Living in the Costa Rican rainforest for over two decades, nature has taught me many things about free energy and how air and water pass over and through Earth’s shapes, forms, colors and textures to create subtle breezes and passive cooling potential. We can see examples of free energy everywhere in nature. By copying what we see and mimicking nature we can begin to solve human challenges in architecture, health, energy, transportation and manufacturing. By paying attention to the spiral paths that air and water prefer, we can begin to incorporate sacred geometry into our offices, air and water supplies. Structured water, spring water and waves, forms a memory which enhance vitality and harnesses Chi energy. Home designs should take every opportunity to round off corners to create homes that breathe and promote health and wellness. Using your homes shape and form can harness energy from existing building materials, using spiral vortice movements of air and water to charge the air with negative ions. Just like a lightning storm, static and healthy ozone appear. What we call 03. Hydrogen Peroxide is 03.Found in high concentrations at bottom of waterfalls, ridge lines and on the beaches and rivers.
There are literally 8.7 million natural forms, shapes and textures, each creating specific functions, many from fur, fins, scales and feathers to harness drag, create lift, free flight, increase speed, put on brakes, heat up or cool off. It’s time engineers and designers take some risks by copying nature's forms and textures to make better eco friendly homes made with organic products that utilize green energy.

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Like the shapes and textures of nature, you can harness this Chi energy in your home, office and public buildings. Meter-less free energy? Imagine. By paying attention to natures, shapes, forms and textures, we can begin to lower heating and cooling costs and reduce our dependencies on fossil fuels. Just by understanding how fish scales harness drag, feathers harness lift, how mammal fins and fur create heat and cooling. Natures wisdom begins to unfold in our own hands.

Ozone can be found floating within and above the textured undulations, hair, cracks and crevices of our bodies. This is the type of ozone formed in waterfalls, that is beneficial to us, unlike the ozone overwhelmed by airborne pollutants in cities and parking lots.

In minute amounts, beneficial ozone passes through our lungs and circulates throughout our bodies killing pathogens and absorbing pollutants in the same way the ionosphere and ozone layer protects earth,- Virtually no difference. Earths entire eco system and your own bodily aura are both dependent on air and water’s ability to move through your body to manufacture Ozone and Chi. If we pay attention to how nature uses water and air, we’ll soon discover earth’s most powerful energy and life force. I share the knowledge and wisdom found hidden in the Fibonacci Spiral, garnered from my studies of Fibonacci Spiral elements .

I always pay attention to home positioning, breezes, views and seasonal sun pathways to re-create desirable air and moisture vortexes in gardens, home and building designs. Interior living spaces, including furniture, should blend with surroundings to move air and provide comfort. Square corners should be rounded to allow air to be charged with negative ions, create ozone and attract good Chi energy.

Deep understanding of building science with some fortuitous hands-on experience of working with hempcrete to craft this timely and detailed guide. By simply mixing the lightweight core of hemp stalks (an agricultural byproduct) with lime it is possible to make an insulating material that can handle moisture without decomposing, has good structural qualities and thermal performance, is nontoxic and fire resistant, naturally sequesters carbon, and is ultimately completely recyclable. With the successful use of hempcrete in Europe for over a decade, hopefully this book will help usher in a new era of industrial hemp production in North America.