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Costa Rica Architects, eco friendly homes and house designs. Costa Rica house plans, blueprints and fantasy tree houses,design and build. I draft house floor plans, blueprints and home designs. eco lodges all supporting sustainable design, build new construction using renewable lumber from Teal plantations, bamboo, recyclables, re usable materials. This new building method reduces hardwood usage by 65%, and reduces the amount of sand and gravel needed by as much as 55%. Costa Rica Architects, Panama Architects, Eco-Friendly Architects.

Let's ask nature - Your custom home design or lodge project should function as nature does. Your builder or construction activity should enhance the environment, provide employment and support conservation, educating impoverished areas within your community. These observations of how nature acts teach us about our neighbors in nature, all finding passive cooling and living comfortable in the world. 8.7 Millions of species can't be wrong.

Biomomicry, "What's it all about ?"
As an architect of nature in Southern Costa, I first learned the meaning of bio mimicry. In 2007, I was standing at the base of my Mahogany tree wondering how to get my 1200 sq. treehouse design up there. 50' up I imagined. I considered cantilevers made from bamboo, then onto drilling into her truck to support my 4 story house in a tree. There I stood looking up from the base of tree with 200 accumulated hours into my design. Then all of a sudden....BAMM ! Overwhelming hot flashes surged through my body. The fire ants dropped me and my tree house plans to our knees in excruciating pain. Brushing the ants aside, and looking down instead of up, for the first time I saw the massive network of roots holding up my tree. Ahh... Innovation inspired by nature. Thanks to those little buggers- I built my treehouse from the ground up ontop of Teak, car axles, recycled tires and old beer coolers for septic tanks. Those little fire ants taught me a few lessons about eco friendly building and they saved me $1000's encouraging me to think differently about my tree house and my life. Remember we get some rockin earthquakes here, so it has to be engineered right. What I learned from my ants that day, is Nature always rules out difficulties, complications, stress and things that don't work. Now, when I draft, I go through more erasers than pencils. In the end, I create comfortable and cool homes for tropical living, weather you are in the mountains of Boquete, Panama, or the beaches of Costa Rica. Eco logical home designs lead to eco logical building practices. Start by using Teak and Guadua Bamboo. For affordable construction ideas consult me personally. My design and build philosophies teach new skills and encourage sustainable methods of building in your community and mine. Eco Friendly Architects building in Costa Rica, Panama and Caribbean.

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Many of these new methods of building are inspired by nature. Biomimicry is a new science that studies nature's models and then uses these examples to solve human problems. Creating comfortable off the grid homes and lodges in Costa Rica and Panama creates design challenge for architects in Central America abroad. In lowland Tropical Central America, my goal is always create cool, comfortable spaces within your home, maximize cool energy potential from northeast corners, taking advantage of available cool air and breeze when possible. I work on line with customers as well as on site affordable site visits. It's important we identify your breeze, N.E.S.W, views, water source and discuss energy, privacy, sound and security options. I have dozens of wonderful open air home designs all built with creature comforts in mind. (no creatures, I promise.) Meet Earth's most brilliant designers and architects in Costa Rica. Free
energy design conference January 16th-24th, 2015. Create electricity from
air,water and plants.

Learn about energy from natures point of view and discover the most bio diverse rainforest in
the world. Capture Earth's kinetic energy in your home and building designs.

We'll prove energy is free during our 9 day energy conference in remote Southern Costa Rica. We'll use water, air and plants to create electricity and free energy systems you can hold in your hands, plug and play when we you get home. Designs based on natures flora, fauna, her function and form. We'll prove Sir Isaac Newton was only half right as we study a few dozen of the 8 million species living here in rainforest all using free energy. Free Energy ideas you can use in your backyard when you get home.
9 Day Free Energy Conference Includes ;
• Free energy demonstrations, workshop materials and take home designs.
• Construct air conditioning system based on termites and paper wasps.
• Demonstrate free electricity and perpetual motion.
• Organic chocolate farm for the ladies and zip line adventures close by.
• Fun dolphin tours, monkeys, toucans, beach time and yummy cuisine.
• Stay cool and comfortable in our mountainous conference and retreat facility
• 200 acre rain forest accommodates 22 guests in 4 separate homes.
• Conference includes 25 - 30 hrs. class time.
Also fun tours, domestic transportation, meals, beverages and multimedia presentations.
9 Day Conferences -$ 2,475.00. Join us where the forest meets the sea, near Corcovado National Park in Southern Costa Rica. Enjoy a vacation of a lifetime, and learn about Earth's free kinetic energy. Hammocks close by for emergency siestas! Early Registration saves $100 and reserves your bed in our famous Lapa's Nest Tree House. Couples traveling together save additional 5%. Full payment prior to Sept 1, 2014 saves you $100.
2 Free Energy Design Conferences
Jan 16-24 th. and May 30th - June 8 th., 2015.
Sombra de la Lapa Rainforest Reserve
Osa Peninsula / Southern Costa Rica