Costa Rica Architects design eco-friendly homes and hotels. Custom Homes and House Designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Blueprints for sustainable homes. Eco-Logical designs by Costa Rica Architect. Affordable custom home blueprints and consultation and permits by qualified architectural firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Architects designing from Nature's Point of View

My custom blueprints and home designs create cooling and comfort by revitalizing air and water in your immediate surroundings. My published videos on line demonstrate passive green ideas, many made with recycled products. Architecture should capture, harness, store and distribute passive energy to where you need it most.

My homes turn kinetic energy into usable heat, cooling and electricity. Following the governing sequences of nature in architecture creates comfort, Chi and Feng Shui. Architecture should be a receptor to nature.

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Architecture and design should respond positively to electro and bio magnetic frequency in our surroundings. By designing homes and public places that respond to air and water, we can begin to understand the simplicity and subtle energies found in nature.

If you want to know about cooling and heating, study natures creations that deal with the most extreme climates. There’s an enormous amount of information regarding function, that is generated by fish, birds, whales, dolphins, zebras, vultures, termites, hummingbirds, kingfishers, kestrels, starlings and penguins…just to name a few.

My home designs begin with curved foundations with air chambers to move cool breeze through your home. Warm air on roof and southern exposures creates cooling inside the home. Designing your home or hotel lobby as if it was one organism. Furnishings and landscaping are important as well as the entire site should be considered a resource.

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