Costa Rica Architects design eco-friendly homes and hotels. Custom Homes and House Designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Blueprints for sustainable homes. Eco-Logical designs by Costa Rica Architect. Affordable custom home blueprints and consultation and permits by qualified architectural firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Bio Logically Designed Homes, Blueprints, Symbiosis in Architecture.

Build sustainably in Central America by;

• Hire and Buy Local - Meeting your neighbors
• Hire your local community for both labor and resourcing materials.
• Creating a positive footprint nearest to you.
• Educate and inspire creativity in your community.
• Eliminate excess oversees goods and building materials.
• Eliminate costly and unnecessary transportation.
• Reduce your project to a reasonable size for comfortable living
• Use Teak, Bamboo and other plantation hardwoods.
• Try to use quarries ( vs. riverbeds ) for concrete related materials.

I offers a close and prolonged look and understanding of tropical living and explore new ways to create comfort. Decide if you want to get your custom home or eco project started on line or plan a site visit soon.

I charge $40 per hour for consultation, drawings, floor plans and blueprints. Once your plans are drawn up, I can better answer your questions about construction budgeting and permits.

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80% of my customers work with me on-line and I keep you posted as we design together. You get to make all the important decisions and I just put pieces together. I have great floor plans and ideas for restaurants and bed and breakfast additions to existing homes. Contact me for architectural consultation or full blueprints of your new custom house, home or lodge.

Your vision could be put on paper within a few days of contacting me. Have a peek at my videos and presentations that discuss sustainable building and contact me soon if your ready to start building soon.

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