Costa Rica Architects design eco-friendly homes and hotels. Custom Homes and House Designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Blueprints for sustainable homes. Eco-Logical designs by Costa Rica Architect. Affordable custom home blueprints and consultation and permits by qualified architectural firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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My architectural designs have been featured on CNN, Condenast Traveler, Moon Guide, Tiny Homes, Survivor and the Travel Channel. Getting help with your home or hotel design is easy. My architectural fees are reasonable, I work efficient and keep you informed along the way.

Architectural designs of custom homes, retirement properties and custom blueprints for eco lodges are creative, innovative and affordable. Your vision put on paper begins with your inquiry.

Most common architecture uses square, rectangular, smooth or cylindrical surfaces to build with. We live in square rooms with square windows and doors. Our air distribution systems are square as well. These shapes, forms and smooth cylindrical textures we manufacture, disconnect us from earth’s bio magnetic frequencies. Architecture has a responsibility to become a receptor and blend with nature. A square home is like a radio dial turned away from your favorite FM station, the music stops.

The most important thing I’ve learned living in the rainforest is that architecture should be a receptor for bio magnetic energy and revitalize air and water for healthy living. I believe architecture should give back to the environment and community with which we live.

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The next few pages on my website explain the advantages to designing and building bio morphic homes based on foundational and governing laws of nature, the golden mean, sacred geometry and the Fibonacci repeating sequence. It is in these governing laws of ALL things natural, where we discover passive energy. Your architecture should reflect your surroundings.

My home designs in Costa Rica and Caribbean harness cool temperatures from air and water by applying nature’s shapes, forms and functions to provide and enhance comfort.

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