Costa Rica Architects design eco-friendly homes and hotels. Custom Homes and House Designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Blueprints for sustainable homes. Eco-Logical designs by Costa Rica Architect. Affordable custom home blueprints and consultation and permits by qualified architectural firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Home and eco lodge designs that pay attention to nature, move, light, breeze and energy better. and attract cool and warm temperatures into your home as needed. The more you design the language of nature into your design or blueprints, the more fractality you create, which is nothing more than charged air particles full of static and healthy ozone. To learn about the principles on biological architecture (living architecture) and more importantly how your architecture can contribute positively to your environment, community and your life, contact me for architectural consultation, blueprints, home and hotel designs. I Design custom homes in Costa Rica, Panama and The Caribbean. I am much less expensive than using an architectural firm from San Jose. I can help with permits and specialize in green energy engineering. I encourage you to contact me.

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The minimalistic philosophies of bio-inspired homes feeds into the newest tiny home movement, making tropical living affordable, fun and inspiring. With construction costs rising 10-15% each year. It makes perfect sense to pay attention to how nature functions to harness energy to create comfortable living spaces. Biomimicry is the study and copying of nature to solve human challenges. My home designs and blueprints minimize uncomfortable afternoon temperatures, by using curves and geometric forms inside and out. My sustainable ideas have been featured on The Travel Channel, Bloomberg News, ABC, Tico Times, La Nacion and Lloyd Kahn’s – Tiny Homes Magazine. If you are building a custom home or hotel, be sure you attract cool temperatures into your life to provide you and your family maximum comfort.

Utilizing subtle-passive energies in the design of your home starts with identifying where the subtle energies are on your property, then aligning your home to take advantage of breezy & shady areas placing your home design on your land in accordance and in harmony in nature. Just by simply paying attention to nature, you could be on your way to living comfortable soon. Whether you are building a home that is on the grid or off. It’s important to understand all your available energy options before you break ground. I specialize in custom pre-fabricated homes made with renewable materials and environmentally safe, non-toxic, organic materials when possible. I recommend you /we buy local, hire local and give back to the community, increasing environmental, social and economic awareness as well. I provide affordable-custom home and house designs with complete blueprints that take advantage of nature’s inherent wisdom. I specialize in biologically inspired architecture and sustainable designs in Latin and North America, also all through the Caribbean.