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Costa Rica Home designs based on The Golden Mean Ratio.

Our most basic human needs for clean water, nutritious foods, comfortable architecture, better health care and cheaper energy, can be solved by designers, architects, engineers who duplicate nature’s shapes, forms and textures onto manmade objects. Called natural knowledge or mother nature’s technology, Biomimicry is the study of and replication of nature’s functions to solve human problems.

Hidden in the cracks and crevices of our rivers, creeks, plants, trees and our veins, you’ll find all living and non-living matter self-replicating into fractal formations guided by the foundational golden mean governed by the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. Critical for improving performance, subtle passive energy sources can be found in the shapes, forms and textures of nature.

The Wright Brothers observed and copied the torso shape and wing span of hawks and bats in order to replicate lift. All of our answers to our most challenging issues are laid out in front of us so that we may observe and learn from natures intelligent design in nature. Architects, engineers and designers should ask nature first.

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Here are just a few examples of biomimicry in architecture and intelligent design. Take for instance… a stealth fighter plane mimicking a Peregrine falcon for speed and maneuverability. Improving fuel efficiency and reducing the sonic boom, fast trains in Europe are modeled around the kingfisher and hummingbird beaks. Owls camouflage their sound with their deep eye sockets and feathers.
Other observations lead to interesting question, like….What makes the awkward nosed hammerhead shark the second fastest fish in the sea and why is the largest living organism found on earth a cluster of Aspen trees?

Did you know Emperor penguins make 104 degree temperatures while zebras and giraffes create air conditioning with their stripes. How is it possible 30 ton humpback whales leap 10 meters up into the air of what causes a forest to emit ozone when it senses danger of fire or extreme fluxes in climate.

Plants we call ‘mother in law tongues, ‘lingua de abuela,’ create 6 times more oxygen at night versus in the day. I wish I could say same for my mother in law.

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