Costa Rica Architects design eco-friendly homes and hotels. Custom Homes and House Designs in Costa Rica and Panama. Blueprints for sustainable homes. Eco-Logical designs by Costa Rica Architect. Affordable custom home blueprints and consultation and permits by qualified architectural firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Home designs- Designed around The Foundational Golden Mean

Costa Rica Home designs by Michael Cranford include floor plans and blueprints designed around The Foundational Golden Mean. Bio-inspired Costa Rica architect uses the integration of natural shapes, forms and textures into designs to create healthy living spaces that utilize natural curvature, sacred proportions and measurements based on the principals of Feng Shui, Prana and fractals to promote health. Sustainable architecture that follows the Golden Mean’s foundational principals of life will attract cool or warm temperatures and provide comfortable rooms you will enjoy year after year. We’ve all walked into a room and felt uncomfortable or comfortable. There are reasons why square corners and sharp edges create negative Chi and positive ions. Square architecture creates unhealthy living spaces.

Biomimicry is the science of copying what you see in nature and applying it to architecture, home designs and blueprints . Paying attention to The ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ helps engineers, designers and architects understand the natural, but subtle, energies and rhythms found in nature. Your sustainably built home, hotel, eco-lodge or B & B should be designed and built to attract these cool temperatures and harness natures wisdom to provide comfortable living spaces.

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Do you ever wonder why we feel refreshed and find clarity in our thinking in nature? Or when sitting under a waterfall or when walking on beach. Wouldn’t it be nice if we felt that way all the time? Well you can. Whether you are remodeling your custom home, building your office or hotel, it’s important to understand the governing energies.

Found in Black Holes, eddies in rivers, a desert oasis or in a bird or mud wasp nests, these foundational geometric principals are essential to allowing life to flourish in your home.

Your newly designed custom home should attract and create these electro-magnetic waves that converge. Some call it Karma, some call it Prana or Chi. Other refer to balance in your home as Feng Shui. Whatever you call it, Ionospheric energies can be drawn in from your surroundings to create comfortable homes that live coherently with nature and support your local community.