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Paying attention to the animal and insect kingdom is a great way to get started. I study the largest, fastest, deepest, tallest, smallest, longest, coolest, warmest and coldest species in the world, then set out to research why they are so. For instance zebras use black and white stripes to create cooling, whereas emperor penguins use their coloration to create heat. Biomimicry applications in architecture and re-engineering include applying the functions of wasps, humpback whales and insects.

My friend Jeff and I cut open an enormous mud wasp nest with a band saw. Dissecting it layer by layer, we discovered the shape of a nest formed a hurricane making chamber with the queen at top and in the middle of the eye of hurricane. The wasps intuitively built temperature control chambers used for birthing. Once the 1000’s of wasps fledge, several hang back to disassemble the entire structure to conceal their intellectual property. It’s intricate textures and chambers revealed natures secrets one by one. What came from a day of playing with bug nests, resulted in discovering a superior hospital designed by wasps. A great inspiration for air and water filtration. Ideas from nature are virtually endless.

By observing nature at micro level, (flora and fauna )I can begin to understand the macro scale (forest) of the entire eco system working as one harmonious pump. Your home and hotel should do the same. It starts with designs inspired by biology and includes innovative passive energy systems to keep you and your guests comfortable.

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Living in the rainforest near Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica puts me in the front row seat of the biomimicry 101, where my curiosity to understand my prehistoric surroundings explores an exotic world of shapes, forms and textures found in the flora and fauna. There are dozens of kinetic and passive ways to stay cool or warm without grid tie electricity or solar power. Your home should be passively cooled and charged with negative ions. The oceans, rivers and forests show engineers, designers, biologists and architects the benefits of replicating nature in design.
Other examples of biomimicry include copying zebras on our roofs to promote cooling in our neighborhoods, homes and public buildings. Water and air distribution systems should make use of existing kinetic energy on site.

My custom blueprints and home designs create cooling and comfort by revitalizing air and water in your immediate surroundings. My published videos on line demonstrate passive green ideas, many made with recycled products. Architecture should capture, harness, store and distribute passive energy to where you need it most. My homes turn kinetic energy into usable heat, cooling and electricity. Following the governing sequences of nature in architecture creates comfort, Chi and Feng Shui. Architecture should be a receptor to nature.

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