Biomimicry in Blueprints, Architects in Costa Rica, designing homes in Panama and Caribbean. Custom Home designs by architects in Costa Rica. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes that attract Yin and Chi energy.

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By paying attention to Earth’s curved shapes, spiral forms, colors and textures, we can start to incorporate natural cooling techniques into home and office designs. Forms and shapes have been proven to capture cool air and deflect mid day heat. Understanding breeze and shade patterns on your property allows you to attract desired cooling or warming effects in and around your home. Landscaping and furniture should also be designed aerodynamically to allow air to move appropriately to achieve desired temperatures and comfort.

For instance, my home and hotel designs for the tropics capture and store cool early morning air. Zebras have built-in air conditions on their bodies- alternating black and white stripes that harness air drag to drop skin surface temperatures up to 10 degrees using nothing more than the convection current trapped in between the stripes. Emperor Penguins arrange their bodies in massive slow moving spiral-shaped formations to create heat measured over 100 degrees to survive bitter sub-zero cold. Nature provides each species with a unique trait born from the bio geometric equation we call Sacred Geometry.

By copying and engineering natural internal and external designs and forms into your homes and buildings you can increase their living comfort and healthiness and save resources while significantly reducing your energy bills.

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I have carefully observed how air and water pass over and through Earth’s shapes, forms, colors and textures to create static electricity and incorporated them into my designs. Our homes and office designs should pay attention to natural spiraling movements to attract or repel cool or hot air surroundings. It is here where I share the knowledge and wisdom found hidden in the Fibonacci Spiral. My conceptual designs and blueprints incorporate knowledge and wisdom garnered from my studies of Fibonacci Spiral elements. I always pay attention to home positioning, breezes, views and seasonal sun pathways to re-create desirable air and moisture vortexes in gardens, home and building designs. Interior living spaces, including furniture, should blend with surroundings to provide comfort. Square corners should be rounded to allow air to be charged with negative ions, create ozone and attract good Chi energy.

My newest project is a "vortice swimming pool" built mostly of recycled materials and based on a Nikola Tesla valve invention from 1920. Making its own ozone from gravity and rotation, the pool's shape, form, texture and weight of 40,000 lbs. of water encourage the development of static. A hurricane spiral-shaped carburetor harnesses convection current from directly under the pool, creating Chi and ozone above and below the water. The Tesla Valve design mimics natural river ecology to channel and create static energy around each internal bend and "sandbar". The static energy from the water moving over the form and shape of the valve charges the water in the filter with static and Ozone. Just like the water we see at the bottoms of waterfalls or in a raindrop or wave. We start with the purest spring water and conduct our experiments with water collected during full moon cycles, as this is when water has its maximum potential for levitative qualities.
We’ve completed 5-10 experiments with our manmade vortice. The pool indeed creates static in the water by following the meandering curves of a natural river, or just like a thunderstorm createing ozone with each raindrop and lightning bolt. Ozone treatments worldwide are already helping to heal millions of people with all types of illnesses.

If there is enough ozone in the pool, we might even declare it to be a "healing" pool. Once our tests are complete, hopefully our vortice pool will produce its own power to run the pool pump filtration system, proving we can harness subtle energy from nature to power our lives. Our tests continue with each passing full moon. I’ll be posting monthly results on my Google Plus page in months to come. My services will be invaluable for someone getting ready to design, manufacture, build or break ground on new projects.

Anytime we build according to Sacred Geometry, the Law of Attraction brings Chi into our lives. Abundance can follow if we start resourcing our construction needs (labor and materials) from communities closest to your site. It’s important to use your construction budget to hire local masons and carpenters. If necessary, teach tradesmen about your new building techniques with renewable materials. Imagine the impact of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for your local community when you build with local labor and materials. Your decisions and resources empower small rural communities to better thrive and you reduce your carbon footprint. 8.7 million species say buy local and support the people closest to you. Chances are someone has an uncle with a teak farm, or a friend with a cement mixer, proving once again the integrity of quantum attraction. By hiring local and purchasing materials in your own backyard, your project is in balance with Nature’s sacred bio geometric blueprint of inward spiraling motion to create life. A good example of sustainable building is our Lapa's Nest Treehouse in Costa Rica.