Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

On line Architectural Consultation at Affordable Fee, Great Ideas from Nature.

How to get started? First do you own your property and want to design a home or lodge? Are you comfortable working on line together? Or would visiting you at your property be better? If you are located in Costa Rica or Panama, decide if meeting with me is necessary as I work mostly with clients on line with blueprints e-mailed back and forth.

Once you provide me specific site details like N.S.E.W. where view is and general ideas of breeze and slope, then I work your design towards your lifestyle, budget and overall square footage needs. My design and blueprint fees / hourly rate is affordable. I can help with permitting in Costa Rica and Panama.

Once we share a few skype phone calls, discuss your topography and home placement, I begin sending sketches back and forth and keep you involved daily while I work. You can expect drawings and floor plans that meet your needs within a few days.

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I work with clients all over the world, but mostly in Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama and USA. If you like can provide my client list to you once you fill out questionnaire. You’ll find my consultation and design services reasonable. My bio inspired floor plans are innovative, artistic. Mud wasps and termites will tell ya.. bio morphic designs keep you cool in tropics and warm during winter months.

My architectural hourly rate begins at $40 per hour for residential and commercial home and structure designs. Engineering rate is $75 for manufacturing projects. My minimum retainer to get started includes 25 hrs. of consultation, drafting and floor plan designs. I encourage new architectural clients to answer 30 questions I send you. Payment is upfront for all consultation work and site visits.

I’ve been designing homes and eco lodges in Central America since 2000 and publish dozens of ecofriendly videos on green building, treehouses and tiny homes. I teach art and conduct biomimicry workshops twice per year. I am available for architectural and home designing, LEED consultation and engineering consultation. I work in the solar and water distribution industry and consult with public utility companies regarding water catchment, water revitalization and application of biomimicry to filters, tubing, air ductwork and water distribution equipment.

My clients love having working sets of plans and blueprints to get started. From the foundation, to the roof and your furnishings, you’ll find my ideas blend well with your visions.
My minimum fee to work with new homeowners on single dwelling structures is $1000. ( up to 25 hrs drafting, consultation ) Multiple units or lodges require a pre-payment of $1,500 ( 38-40 hours.) for conceptual drawings. Travel abroad is quoted upfront. I accept paypal or deposits to accounts in either USA or Costa Rica. You can also see a host of video presentations on youtube and google images.

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My next biomimicry workshop is August 3rd- 12th. All inclusive workshop includes all meals, transportation and tours in Costa Rica. 25 hrs. workshop time in rainforest studio.

Includes fun projects and workbook to take back and share with family and kids. Couples rate is $4,340, single occupancy with shared rooms - $2850 for 9 day retreat. Join us for 9 day reconnect with nature. Pura Vida and hope you find your piece of paradise. Contact me when you need design and consultation. I’d be happy to help.