Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

Passive Energy For Your Custom Home, Unique Floor Plans Save Money.

My home designs in Costa Rica and Caribbean harness cool temperatures from air and water by applying nature’s shapes, forms and functions to provide and enhance comfort. I believe architecture should give back to the environment and community with which you live. Most common architecture uses square, rectangular, smooth or cylindrical surfaces to build with, which disconnect us from earth’s bio magnetic frequencies. Like a radio dial turned away from your favorite station, the music stops. The most important thing I’ve learned living in the rainforest is that architecture should be a receptor for bio magnetic energy and revitalize air and water for use in healthy living.

The next few pages on my website explain the advantages to designing and building bio morphic homes based on foundational and governing laws of nature, the golden mean, sacred geometry and the Fibonacci repeating sequence.
It is in these governing laws where passive-free energy finds its origin. The function of nature is where we find subtle passive energies available for daily use. Your architecture should reflect your surroundings.

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Paying attention to the animal and insect kingdom is a great way to get started. I study the largest, fastest, deepest, tallest, smallest, longest, coolest, coldest species in the world, then set out to research why they are so. For instance, zebras use black and white stripes to create cooling, whereas emperor penguins use their coloration to create heat. How is this possible?

Here’s a good example of biomimicry in architecture. What came from a day of playing with bug nests, resulted in a superior hospital designed by insects. My friend Jeff and I cut open an enormous mud wasp nest with a band saw. Dissecting it layer by layer, we discovered the shape of a nest formed a hurricane making chamber with the queen at top and in the middle of the eye of hurricane. The wasps intuitively built temperature control chambers used for birthing. Once the 1000’s of wasps fledge, several hang back to disassemble the entire structure to conceal their proprietary intelligence. Many bird species share this trait. It’s intricate textures and chambers revealed natures secrets one by one.

By observing nature at micro level, I can begin to understand the macro scale of the entire eco system working as one harmonious pump. Your home and hotel should do the same. It starts with designs inspired by biology and includes innovative passive energy systems to keep you and your guests comfortable.

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