Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

Sacred Geometry Webinars/Retreat Reservations/Services and Fess

Whether you are looking to design a home or resort, to improve the performance of your product line, to streamline your home, office, garden or public meeting area, use Sacred Geometries foundational principals in your design.

Sacred Geometry in Architecture to Harness Chi using shapes, forms and textures. Just like the wind and sand dune, By copying and mimicking nature we can begin to solve human challenges in architecture, agriculture and transportation. I educate how to use Sacred Geometry in sustainable building.

Send me a few photos of your site, a topo, and a good understanding of breeze directions per the time of day and seasons. I’ll then be ready to start putting your project on paper with detailed conceptual sketches and floor plans that will later morph into full sets of blueprints and working construction documents.

I teach the importance of vortice energy movement to architects, engineers and manufacturing companies. My first video webinar is coming up in January. I lecture about the applications of Sacred Geometry in the areas of architecture, transportation, agriculture and passive energy applications and how to capture Chi into usable and storable energy. Contact me for more information about vortice energy applications to improve comfort in architecture and improved product performance in manufacturing.

My on-line consultation services are invaluable for someone getting ready to design, manufacture, build or break ground on new projects. Sacred geometry reveals its magical sequence to show us ways to reduce our dependencies on fossil fuels, proving once again, there really is more to Sacred Geometry than meets the naked eye.


If you are seeking on line architectural consultation, I charge $ 40 per hour for consultation and drafting and $ 20 per hour for travel time plus expenses.
1. Residential - $ 1,000 fee includes 25 hrs.@$40 pr. hr. of conceptual drafting leading to a workable floor plans and elevations.
2. Commercial - $ 1,500 fee includes 38 hrs. of conceptual drafting, floor plan conceptual, 3-D sketches and elevation ideas.

3. Custom home blueprints as low as $ 1,400 - $ 2,900

My bio inspired homes have been featured on Travel Channel, CNN and Survivor. Learn more about bio inspired, eco friendly architecture and vortice engineering in my webinar coming up in January. Webinar on Jan 2016. Bringing Fibonacci and Sacred Geometry in Your Home.